Marriage Moment, This Kiss

Connecting with Your Husband Do you remember that moment when he first kissed you? You know, him, the guy your married to. Was it an unexpected, ‘Oh wow, I can’t believe he did that.‘ moment? Or was it an exciting, curl your toes and make you swoon kind of moments?   Regardless of how the first kiss happened, I imagine it’s ingrained in your memory. […] Read More

A Family Favorite: Cabbage Rolls for New Years

What’s Cooking? It’s Cabbage Rolls This week I’m sharing a family favorite recipe for a New Years comfort food, Cabbage Rolls, in my newest feature on Great Peace Academy,    With the new year comes changes. This is true of many peoples lives. It is true of blogs as well. As you can see over the past several weeks I’ve made many changes to the […] Read More