Easily Teach with Homeschool Unit Studies

Homeschooling your child shouldn’t be complicated. The best way to educate a child is by exploring their interests in a fun, kid-friendly way. Which is why I’ve built these homeschool unit studies for families to easily find interesting topics to discover, study, and learn without all the pressure that comes from traditional textbooks. 

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What are Homeschool Unit Studies?

A homeschool unit study is simply a thematic study of a single topic. During the study you explore the topic from a variety of angles. You approach the topic by exploring the history, science, literature, and even math when possible, along with art and music, of the topic. It’s not as hard as you might think to explore themes in this way.

Here’s how they work. Choose a study from the list below. Once you have a study open you’ll find a listing of resources that cover various subjects. These studies can be as in-depth or as quick as you’d like to make them. 

You’ll find unit resources which cover, history, science, math, as well as literature suggestions, hands-on activities exploration of the arts and more. Each unit is uniquely crafted to help you as you teach your kids using these unit studies as a guide. 

What Age Can You Use These Homeschool Unit Studies?

Generally speaking, these unit studies are geared toward upper elementary students. But, because they are unit studies they can be adapted for any and all age groups. 

They simply serve as a spine for a topical study. If you have a mix of children you can do the simpler activities with your younger kids, while having middle school and teen students exploring and researching on their own. 

Homeschool Unit Studies to Explore

These unit studies are not downloads. Although, I often include downloadable printables that can enhance your study. They contain general information about each topic, and suggestions for where to find information, and materials you’ll need to build a study that uniquely works for your family. 

You can spend as little as an afternoon studying the wonders of the mathematical constant known as Pi, or, spend a week studying the science of snowflakes. 

You get to be in control of how long your family will study each topic! And, you’ll feel confident that your children are learning in all subject areas.