Five Minute Friday: Feeling Ordinary

It’s Five Minute Friday. I link up with Lisa Jo Baker where she gives about 100 or so bloggers a weekly prompt with the goal of them each writing for 5 minutes flat.
Five Minute Friday
Today’s Prompt:
That’s exactly how I feel during this very late night. – Ordinary
I’ve had a lot of very late nights lately. I mean very late. I find myself falling into bed near dawn. It’s not that I don’t want to go to bed. It’s that my body isn’t letting me sleep. Tonight I tried. I really did, and my body just couldn’t get there.
I laid there contemplating life while talking it over with Father. Ordinary was exactly the way I was feeling. Ordinary, and worthless. I know this isn’t true for I know the price that was paid for me to be His. I know by His hand He lovingly created me and through His son’s blood I am bought and cleansed and made free.
Yet there are so many times when ordinary seems, well, ME. As I shared this with Father, I wanted ever so much to tuck under His wing and hide, like a small child hides her face in her momma’s arm. Thus, I sleep not and find waiting for me a prompt, ordinary.
Ah times up.


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