Homeschool Co-op with LEGO Bricks

Finding Online LEGO® Resources

This past spring our Making Memories Homeschool Support Group ended the academic year with our final quarter based upon LEGO Learning, which I taught with my friend Jen. I’m sharing with you our best online resources for pulling together the class as well as affiliate links where you can pull together great products. 

Student Speed Build with LEGO Bricks | Great Peace Academ

I think the kids had a great time, they learned a lot and I, as the teacher, am amazed at how many topics can be taught from the simple LEGO toy. We studied about physics, language arts, public speaking, geography, culture, art, and manufacturing. But as I researched there were so many options that I had to narrow down to just these.

Typically we have a 1 hour structured class, followed by one hour of activity time. However with this class, the kids were learning and laughing so much that we just kept teaching for an extra 1/2 hour.

LEGO® Learning, Cheap

  • If you are looking to reduce costs on brick purchases, I suggest talking to families who have older teenagers and or college aged children to see if they have brick sets setting around in attics or basements. This is how I supplied our group with enough LEGO Bricks for these activities. 
  • I have found many ideas on Pinterest for free or low cost learning options. We combined resources from several sites to customize our own lesson plan meet the needs of how our group functions.

Links for finding Great LEGO® Learning options.

How about you? Have you used LEGO Bricks in your homeschool co-op? If not, what are some fun ways that you have incorporated LEGO Learning into your classes at home? Share links to your favorite ideas in comments.


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