2-Year Blog Planner

Helping to Keep Your Blogging Life Organized


 This one is for all my blogging friends. I’d like to introduce to you my brand new 2-Year Blog Planner. 

Everything you need for blog planning success Blog Planner

When I first started blogging a little over 2 years ago, I had no idea all that is involved in getting a blog up and running. I never imagined the myriad of proverbial balls I would have to juggle to keep it all straight. So about a year ago I started using an editorial calendar and it has helped quite a bit. But, still there were things I felt I needed or wanted to make it even easier. So, I decided to make my own.

A blog planner to keep your blog business organized via Great Peace Academy

What You Will Find in this 2 Year Blog Planner.

  • Blog  Planner
  • Blog Statement of Purpose
  • Annual Goals

* Year at a Glance
* Annual Goal Manager 
* Annual Maintenance

  • Editorial Calendar 2014

* Monthly Calendar & Commitments
* Annual Accounting
* Mileage Log
* Accomplishments

  • Editorial Calendar 2015

* Monthly Calendar & Commitments
* Annual Accounting
* Mileage Log
* Accomplishments  


  •  Blog Post Ideas Planner 

* Ideas in My Head
* Series Planner 
* Guest Post Planner


Planning Social Media

  • Social Media Manager 
* Social Media Accounts
* Social Media Contacts

Organize Team Blogs

  • Team Blog Manager
* Monthly Themes
* Post Scheduler
* My Assignments

Blog Business Planner

  • Sponsors & Ads 
* Advertisement
* Affiliates
* Sponsors
* Contracts (A Divider sheet giving you space to add page protectors for contracts.)

blogging Business Planner


  • The EVERYTHING Download $10.99  $5.99
*Get Everything! That’s EVERY Page in one easy download.
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Do you use a blog planner or editorial calendar? Tell my what you love or wish you had in yours?


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Happy Blogging! 

***Update*** If you are linking in from a pinterest pin or other social media share looking for the free subscriber download, please know that that promotional giveaway ended 2/1/2014. 


Your purchase of the 2 Year Blog Planner is a one time transaction. If an updated version were to be made available your initial purchase would not qualify you for a free update. 


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  1. I’m at awe at how organized you are. I’ve been blogging for 6 years and I’m no where near as put together as you. Thank you for the pay it forward. I owe it to another. xoxoxo

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