Revealing How I Teach Homeschool

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How I Teach Homeschool

Have you ever wondered what school looks like in another persons home? We all have different families with different teaching methods and learning styles. We all have different philosophies when it comes to education and our approaches all look quite different. What works for one, may not work for someone else. 

I’m a mom with a boy who is an advanced learner, who happens to also be an only child. So how I teach will look different than how you or another will teach.

Mom’s with multiple children obviously have much more to juggle than we mom’s of one. Keep in mind that mom’s who also happen to work outside the home have completely different agendas to manage than a mom who works inside the home.

Yet, we can get ideas from one another can’t we? Maybe you’ve been wondering about unSchooling and how it might work in your own home. Or you’ve thought of hands-on activities for homeschool science but can’t quite pull together the ides. This week, I’m joining my friends from the iHomeschool Network in the .

Below you will find links to the subjects that I will be talking about and I’ll show you how I teach subjects in homeschool. 

Be sure to hop over to iHN to join my friends this week and see how they teach in their homeschools. 


What are some ways that you teach homeschool? What method do you use or what are your children’s learning styles? I’d love to dialogue with you about what life looks like inside your homeschool.


Renée at Great Peace Academy

I recommend these for use when teaching homeschool.
      A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels      

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