Active Day

We are down a vehicle. My trusty Chevy Blazer needs brakes again. I cannot say how frustrated this makes me. I think lovingly back to my wonderful old Ford Windstar Van, that is no more. So I’m transporting Beloved to work, so I can have a car for my running. 

I have set-up for Homeschool Field Day prep for tomorrow’s festivities. 

Then it’s off to the Baker for wedding discussion for a wedding I am planning for a lovely young couple from our home congregation. Then it’s a wedding meeting with the couple to go over details.

Happy Thursday everyone. I do think coffee shall be my friend today. 🙂

So after posting, my dear Beloved has a tire mounted on the car I would be driving for the day. We proceed to his place of work and as we are driving into the parking lot, I hear a pop. Yes, you guessed it. The tire we just had mounted. The spare is at the repair shop. I am stranded at his place of employment while he figures out how to go get the spare, oh and did I mention that he is at WORK?

Proverbs 16:9
A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

Just remember… God is in control. 🙂

Author: Renee

Renee is Christian, wife, mom, author, and blogger. On her blog, you'll find encouragement for helping you to seek a life of peace, discussions about family, marriage, homeschooling, and gifted education. These discussions center around seeking and finding peace through Biblical guidance and patterning life after God's design for marriage.

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