Marriage Moment: The Lord’s Provisions

This year our resolve to TRUST in the Lord’s provision is being tested. He has proven true and faithful over and over. With husbands job loss comes financial strain. We at first never imagined that he wouldn’t quickly find a full-time position. But as the days passed to weeks and then weeks into months it seems more likely that this will be a long wait.

Waiting is hard. It simply is not in our human nature to want to wait. It certainly isn’t our “cultural norm.” But God desires that we wait for His promises to be fulfilled in our lives.  

He tells us many times in His word that He is faithful and will not forsake those who are his children.

For us personally He has proven His faithfulness. We have gone through many struggles in our 20 year marriage, both financial and otherwise. It hasn’t always been easy and I can truly say there were times when I wanted to give up. Beloved, to me at least, has always seemed much more steadfast in his resolve to be committed to both the Lord and to myself. He has led me well through the struggles of life. But I do think we have encouraged each other in these times. When I am weak, he is strong and adversely when he has moments of weakness I remind him of God’s loving provision. We have never gone hungry nor without shelter. We may not always have the most up-to-date wardrobe but we have never gone naked. He has provided for our needs over and over again.

Some ways that the Lord is seeing us through this time of struggle.

  • He provided a very good severance package with benefits for 4 months.
  • During that time we were able to stock up a deep freeze, our kitchen pantry as well as an overflow pantry.
  • He has blessed us with fire wood for the entire winter season, and we have not had to buy a single cord of wood.
  • He leads Beloved to regular freelance employment opportunities.
  • He has allowed us the use of a vehicle for when Beloved is travelling so that I will have transportation through a loving family member.
  • Loving friends and family have graciously offered us monetary gifts in unexpected, un-asked for and just at the right time ways.
  • We are blessed beyond measure by the love of our Christian Family, who prays for us and comforts us in our struggles.
  • There is always enough. We may not have all that we want. BUT we always have enough of what we need.
  • He has supplied us with the exact finances to meet financial obligations.
  • He blessed us with a Christian brother who is a mechanic and was able to help us repair our vehicle.
  • He safely led us through the tax prep process so that we will receive a small federal refund and only owe a small amount to the locals government.

    I offer praises of thanksgiving to my God and Father for his abundant provisions. He is faithful and as we wait for His leading for the next phase of our life I am thankful of these blessings which He has abundantly bestowed upon our lives. 

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