The Ultimate How to Teach Music in Homeschool Guide

How to Teach Music in Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #music #muiscappreciation #ihsnet

 5 Days of Music in Homeschool Homeschooling is life schooling, I say this time and again. Homeschool music appreciation curriculum doesn’t have to look like books and paper.  The best way to teach music in homeschool is to have music playing in your homeschooling. I think it’s important for homeschoolers to round out a child’s education with a study of the arts. We do this in a […] Read More

Music Appreciation in the Homeschool

Music Appreciation in the Homeschool with SQUILT | #ihsnet #homeschool

Clear and Simple Homeschool Music Curriculum Finding a homescool music appreciation curriculum that’s easy to use and really teaches a child how to listen to music makes a homeschool mom’s life much easier.  Plus, it has great information about music dynamics, and composition so you know your child is well-equipped with knowledge or musical arts.   I love listening to classical music. I have since […] Read More

10 Resources That will Help You Find Fine Arts

10 Resources for finding Fine Arts to Explore | Great Peace Academy

Fine Arts for your Homeschool Students When my husband and I were first married, we attended a touring performance of Les Mésirables. Being from a small, very rural town and having very little exposure to the arts, I sat in wonderment at the theatrics, the music and the beauty of the entire drama that was unfolding before me. I knew then that I wanted to […] Read More

Teaching Fine Arts in Homeschool

Teaching Fine Arts in Homeschool | Great Peace Academy

When Your Child has a Passion for Art Art and music appreciation are both subjects that can enhance all areas of learning.  Sometimes, it’s overlooked in favor of core subjects. Homeschool art can be simple letting kids explore hands on artistic pursuits on their own while you provide them with great tools.  Homeschool music can start with teaching them how to listen quietly to great […] Read More