This Week…Homeschool Confession Time

No Homeschool!

Today I’m sharing a homeschool confession. This week I did not homeschool. Really. I just decided I was not going to have homeschool this week. It wasn’t planned, there was really no reason for it, other than I’m tired. Really, really tired. So I took a break. 

Homeschool Confession at Great Peace Academy

Over last weekend we helped a friend move from Ohio to Alabama. It was difficult for us to see our friend go, and very hard to drive away knowing she would now be living in Alabama. That being said, we love her and know that this life move is exactly what she needed and because of that we are happy for her. 

Our weekend started off last Friday as we went and helped her load up her moving truck. We loaded that truck in about 1 1/2 hours and had so many people show up that we didn’t have enough boxes for hands. Then early Saturday morning we set out, in 3 vehicles, she driving her car, my husband driving the moving truck, and me driving a car to bring him home in. It was raining. Hard. It rained buckets. More than that, there was heavy traffic the entire way. Heavy rain, heavy traffic, 3 vehicles means a stressful drive. 

After a few stops we all arrived safely. Then it took about an hour to unload that truck. Again, so many showed up to help unload the truck that we had more hands than boxes. Which surely helped us to know she was safely in her new home. 

On Sunday we worshiped with our friend and her family before heading to lunch and then back to her place to help her start unpacking. We knew we couldn’t get it all done in an afternoon, but I think we made a pretty good dent in her kitchen.  

After tearful goodbyes we headed to our hotel room, and had a relaxing night and morning, before heading for home on Monday. On the way we decided to make an unexpected stop in Nashville and explore the Gaylord Opyrland Hotel. I had been there last year for a homeschool convention, but Beloved and Little Man had never been. I knew that Little Man would be fascinated by the architecture and Beloved would be fascinated by the radio station Live inside the hotel. 

Sure enough both predictions were true. We took the boat ride, we ate pizza, we walked around. We enjoyed time together as a couple. Then headed home. We got in late. Then, we started our week, but I was/am tired. I just didn
t have it in me to have homeshcool. So I didn’t.  

Earning Money

When Beloved got home, he and Little Man moved some wood. In fact, Little Man has been saving money. There is a specific video game and system he is wanting and rather than us getting it for him he has been earning money. He has been asking to do odd jobs around the house, negotiating pay for certain jobs and moving wood is one of the bigger payouts for him. So he moved wood, and then he discovered it was pay day. His dad paid him for all the work he has been helping him with. He  now has enough and has been researching his best possible price options. I have to say I am pretty proud of the work ethic he has shown concerning this particular want.

That brings us to Wednesday. Instead of feeling rested up, I picked up a bug of some sort, I was achy, and nauseous, and well, I decided to not homeschool, again. The same is true of Thursday. Then Friday, while I wasn’t entirely feeling better I had a blogging meet up to go to. #BlogOH. I met with +Jenilee Goodwin+Tonya Prater+Aileen Stewart, and Mona from Social Moms Around Columbus. Little Man tagged along and we while we were out and about we ran a few errands. 

Today, well, that brings me to today. I found out this week that a dear friend from my childhood lost her dad this week. We were neighbors as kids and we spent a lot of time together. My house, her house, she, being an only child, was like the 5th sibling in our family. So my heart breaks for her as I remember her childhood from the eyes of a neighbor. So today, I’m driving home, back to West Virginia, to grieve with my friend, and remember the man she called dad. 

So once again, still tired, not rested, living with chronic pain, I’m driving in a car for 2 days. But to go is not an option. 

So that is my confession, no homeschool this week, just because I didn’t feel like it. And do you know what? I have the freedom to make that decision. 

How was your homeschool week? Link up below an share your posts.


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3 Replies to “This Week…Homeschool Confession Time

  1. You may not have done formal schooling, but I think your son had a lot of wonderful life lessons this week. Sometimes they are the best ones! 🙂 Thanks for hosting. Have a great weekend.

  2. I have had those kind of weeks, too. And it is great that we can. I have heard that sort of flu thing has been going around everywhere it seems. Hope that you get a chance to catch-up and relax soon. Perhaps one day this week you can take your schooling outdoors. That always seems to make it more fun and relaxing.

  3. We’re on vacation in the Norfolk area of Virginia. So we’ve been going to some of the historical sites in the area. He really enjoyed Yorktown Battlefield and the Wright Brothers National Memorial. We also went to Historic Jamestown and the Air & Space museum.

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