Train up hearts for the Lord, by Renée at Great Peace

Train Up Hearts for the Lord

Mothers hold a special place in the lives of their children. As mamas we are uniquely blessed with qualities of gentleness, love, and tender hearts.  This […] Read More

Crushing the barren woman's heart on social media. | Renée at Great Peace

Crushing the Barren

This may be one of the most difficult posts I’ll ever write. Why? Because it is very personal to my heart. It’s one I’ve wanted […] Read More

Kings of Israel a Biblical Board Game

      I love a good board game. When I was a kid, we sat around the table playing all kinds of games. It […] Read More

Growing Up in God’s Word Bible Study Review

Teaching Bible Study Skills I’m taking a break from teaching from the Old Testament in our homeschool. I’ve decided to spend the spring teaching about […] Read More