Family Goals we've Chosen to Prioritize for 2017 | Renée at Great Peace

Family Goals we’ve Chosen to Prioritize for 2017

As we’re closing out the month of January I wanted to take a moment to share with  what my family and I have been focusing on for the month. We took some time together as a family to sit down and discuss our family life, and our goals for the year. This post contains affiliate links to 3rd party sites where products purchased may result […] Read More

An Educational Government Game that's Fun for the Whole Family | Renée at Great Peace

Educational Government Game that’s Full of Fun for the Whole Family

Did you know it’s possible to introduce an educational game to the family at game night and still have a rousing good time? I have to admit when I first learned of this government game I thought it would be great way to allow my son to explore a variety of government forms in a more hands-on way. But, I also thought that a game about democracy, republics, […] Read More

How to teach kids so they don't hate Bible Study

How to Get Your Kids to Hate Bible Study

Learning With the Kids that Truth will Set You Free  Living in a society that claims that the Bible is fictional does not help the cause of a parent who is seeking to teach their child how to do Bible Study.  Nevertheless, we are given the responsibility by God to “Train up a child in the way that he should go…” Proverbs 22:6*. This abiding […] Read More

10 Family Bonding Time Activities | Renée at Great Peace

10 Family Bonding Time Ideas

It’s incredible for me to realize that my little boy is now a teenager. Time with him seems to be slipping away ever so quickly, yet quietly. It makes me realize that I need to do more to foster family bonding. There may come a day when he no longer wants to spend time with mom and dad. Yet, I feel that the more we cultivate […] Read More

Gryphon Update - See How the Kickstarter Campaign is going | #ihsnet

Keeping Your Family Safe Online: Gryphon Update on Kickstarter

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I shared with you the Easy to Use Parental Control Tool for Online Safety, Gryphon? I wanted to share with you a Gryphon update and let you know how their kickstarter campaign is going. It looks like the campaign is going very well, so far.  This is a sponsored post about a product which I believe will be […] Read More

Learn about Parental Control Tool for Online Safety Monitoring | #ihsnet

Easy to Use Parental Control Tool for Online Safety Coming Soon

As my child has gotten older and has been allowed more freedom online to explore his own interests and enter the age of social media usage I am becoming ever more concerned for his online safety. Of course, his dad and I have done as much research as possible and implemented as many kid-safe protections as we can. Still, we worry. We want to protect his eyes […] Read More

10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son's Heart for Responsibility | #ihsnet

10 Powerful Scriptures for Training your Son’s Heart for Responsibility

With Free Responsibility Scripture Art Printables In our home, we’ve been focused on training our young man in responsibility for his future role as a husband, provider, and leader. Training a boy to be responsible can be a difficult task. This can be especially true for moms.  For some reason, boys tend to “buck up” and listen when dad speaks more so than when mom does. […] Read More

Sparking a Love of Reading with an Audio Drama from Heirloom Audio | #ihsnet

Sparking a Love of Reading with an Audio Drama

I recently discovered a way to encourage my son to find reading for the enjoyment of a story. I found that an audio drama excited his curiosity and inspired him to ask for more books. I’ve often written about my son and how he started reading at a very early age. I can remember he would take his Winnie the Pooh board books and then re-type […] Read More