Creating Beautiful Bible Class Visuals with Artist Chalks

Since chalking is one of my favorite things to do, I am sharing affiliate links below to items that you would need if you decide you too want to start chalking. 

What is Chalking?

Sketched and Outlined

You start with an image. Any image. You then, take that image and enlarge it. I do this by using a projector. You can either do that the old fashioned way, where you copy the image onto transparency film and then use the old style projector, or you can use a power point type projector. You project the image onto matte poster board, then trace the lines with a pencil.

Sketched, Outlined and Cut out, Ready for some Chalk
Once the image is traced, you go over the lines with a black Sharpie marker. Then cut the image out.
After you have completely cut out the image, then comes the chalking part.

I’m not talking about sidewalk chalk, although I suppose if that is all you had you could use it, I’m talking about Pastels which are art chalks.

You get to go back to your child-hood days of coloring in a picture, only bigger and more permanent.

With pastels, you can shade and highlight various portions of the image. You gently rub the pastels into the paper using your finger, or the side of your palm to create a uniform and soft look. To get a better overall effect work in layers from lighter colors to darker colors.

Sketched, Outlined, Cut-out and Chalked

Then end result is stunning. Once finished you have a choice, you can either use an art fixative spray or you can laminate your piece. I like the laminate, it gives it a nice glow and is more permanent. This can usually be done at your local office supply store.

Completely Finished!

I love chalking… I find it to be quite relaxing. I chalk for various Bible class related things. I’ve also recently discovered a homeschool art curriculum from Southern Hodge Podge that both I and Little Man are enjoying. 

Do you create any visuals for use in your Bible classes or homeschool?

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