Homeschooling Places to Visit in Southeast Ohio

With Ohio’s rich history, industry, agriculture and the arts you’ll find many places for homeschool field trips throughout the state. That being said, I have a fondness for Southeast Ohio Field Trips. 

While I’m not a native Ohioan, I did live in the state for about 18 years and have many wonderful memories of my life and time there. My husband is a Buckeye and his roots run deep. Our life together in Ohio allowed us to travel all across the Buckeye state. We met in the Ohio valley and spent 6 of our earliest years in the Washington Co. area. The beauty of the valley and the friendliness of the people will always mean that the area is home to us. 

You’ll find a warm welcome wherever you go in southeast Ohio. The river is wide, and beautiful. While most of the river lies in West Virginia territory you’ll discover many amazing places to visit on both sides of the mighty Ohio river. 

I do recommend popping over to Parkersburg and taking a sternwheeler to the Blennerhasset Island to discover the Blennerhasset mansion. 

15 Southeast Ohio Field Trips for Homeschoolers

  1. Riverside Artists Gallery – Marietta
  2. French Arts Colony – Gallipolis
  3. Cambridge Concert Association – Cambridge
  4. Secrest Auditorium – Zanesville
  5. Valley Gem Sternwheeler – Marietta/Belpre
  6. National Imperial Glass Museum – Bellaire
  7. Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum – Barnesville
  8. Clark Gable Birthplace and Museum – Cadiz
  9. The Castle – Marietta
  10. Campus Martius Museum – Marietta
  11. Lorena Sternwheeler – Zanesville
  12. The National Road/Zane Grey Museum – New Concord
  13. Mad River and NKP Railroad Museum – Bellevue
  14. Toy & Plastic Brick Museum – Bellaire
  15. Fort Harmar – Marietta

If you are from Ohio, or live near the state I’ve now shared with you a little glimpse into every corner of the state. You will find opportunities to increase your children’s learning in many hands on and life experience ways. 

What are your favorite Southeast Ohio field trips that your family has enjoyed? I’d love to hear where you are field schooling your little’s.

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Homeschooling Places to Visit in Southeast Ohio

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