Bible School Curriculum for the Homeschool

A Guide for Teaching Bible Study

Why Bible Study Guide for All Ages Works for Us

has become a wonderful resource in our homeschool. That is why I am sharing my unsolicited review with you, and why I’m sharing affiliate links to places where you can purchase them in addition to links to the publishers website.  While it is true that product can be used in the Bible School class, it is very easy to adapt this material for use in the homeschool. We began using it last year. You can read my initial review of that here:

The benefit of Bible Study Guide for all Ages is that instead of purchasing the entire scope & sequence you purchase individual sets of lessons (approximately 25 lessons) for only $5.95 each. Which makes it easy to buy only the materials I need for a given quarter or academic year to coincide with the particular era of history we are studying. 

The student pages have marvelous kid friendly graphics. Each lesson includes memory work, and application work, because the goal of being in the word, is to learn to apply it to our lives. They also each contain Discover the Bible which puts the lesson being told into an easy to understand perspective for children. 

Timeline Study with Bible Study Guide

What The Bible Curriculum Covers

Additionally, these lessons offer mapping and timelining activities on a regular basis, helping children to understand when and where these events occurred.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages teaches not only what to study, but how to study.

These guides not only teach what happened in the Bible, but how to use the Bible. They guide in a subtle way in these areas of study:

  • mapping
  • timelining
  • application of scriptures
  • memorization of key information
  • how to study it in a deeper way
  • how to cross-reference events
  • how to mark the Bible
  • how to use study reference materials such as a concordance and Bible dictionary.

Bible Study Guide that guides in how to study the Bible
While these lessons have not been designed to teach Bible chronologically, they can easily be incorporated into such teaching. Which is how I use them. My friend Chelli from The Planted Trees, has been using BSGFAA for a few years and she also teaches them in a chronological manner. She wrote a guide for how to put them in that order. You can find that guide and download it for free by reading her review:

Our goal in homeschooling is to help our son know the Lord and in knowing Him, learning to follow His plan. We want him to seek God’s will rather than the will of man.

As a Christian homeschooling mom, I can rest assured that while my son is studying the Bible through the guides, he is only being led to study the what the Bible says. They are written entirely from Biblical teachings without any doctrines of men being added to them.

Making this Bible study time a much loved part of our day. 

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2 Replies to “Bible School Curriculum for the Homeschool

  1. We chose Bible Study Guide for our children for all the same reasons, especially the one that it contains no man made doctrine. We are in our second year of using it and love it for all the same reasons as you. No one ever complains about Bible time because we enjoy our study so much. The conversations that stem from the apply it section (and the get active section in the lower levels) are amazing.

    1. Brandy,

      So glad that you are also enjoying Bible Study Guide. I think the applications discussion are so valuable. We recently finished Samson & Delilah and my 10 yr old son walked away from that lesson with a clear understanding of why it is important to choose a godly spouse.

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