Family Goals we’ve Chosen to Prioritize in the New Year

As we’re closing out the month of January I wanted to take a moment to share with  what my family and I have been focusing on for the month. We took some time together as a family to sit down and discuss our family life, and our goals for the year.

Family Goals we've Chosen to Prioritize for 2017 | Renée at Great Peace

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With 2015 being a difficult year with a tremendous amount of changes, ending in a major, unexpected move from central Ohio to Kansas City, Missouri. Which left us tired in 2016. We found ourselves sort of sheltering in place. We didn’t isolate ourselves by anyone’s standards, but we did seem to turn inward a bit more. With that said, we wanted to check in with each other and see what we were each thinking, how we were feeling and what we might want to change or do moving forward. 

Here’s some of the goals we are setting for the year.

Family Goals

Family Board Meetings

We are going to have quarterly family board meetings. This will be a time when the three of us will sit down to discuss, well, just about anything. It will be a time to check in to see if we are managing the goals we’ve set, to determine if changes need to be made, or additions to the goals as the year goes on. 

Family Corporate Meeings

We are going to have monthly family corporate meetings. This is a time for just mom and dad. We’ll check in with each other on the budget, on the family schedule, and discuss any adjustments we may need to make to the family goals. 

Family Time

One of the things that we discovered during our first Quarterly Family Board Meeting was that we all would like to purpose spending more purposed time together. As such, we’ve agreed to a general schedule to fulfill this goal. 

  • Weekly family time.
    • 1 Movie Night a Month, with at least one movie at a theater or live performance on stage per quarter.
    • 1 Game Night per month
    • 1x per quarter each person must have chosen 1 activity.
    • 1 family kindness project per month.
    • 2x a month scheduled father & son time.
    • 2x a month scheduled mother & son time. 
    • 1 x a month scheduled date night for mom and dad.
  • Hospitable Home
    • 2x per quarter our goal is to open our home for an hospitable event.
  • Family Chore Schedule
    • While I’ll maintain the majority of the keeper at home management duties, we have divided some of the routine chores that need to be done regularly. 

Family Bible Reading

  • We’ll continue our nightly Bible reading as a family. While we each maintain our own personal study schedules. 
  • Family scripture memorization. 
    We’re adding a goal of monthly memorization as a family. 

Family Goals we've Chosen to Prioritize for 2017 | Renée at Great Peace

Personal Goals

My goals for the year are quite varied this year. Now that I’m a work at home mom I’m learning how to prioritize my daily work in a different way. 

Daily Scripture Study

Continue Working on Blog

  • Write regularly on Each of 3 Topic areas.
    • Finding Peace (Christian Faith for parenting, women, and children.)
    • Home of Peace (Marriage, Family, and Homemaking.)
    • Great Peace Homeschooling (Homeschool resources, encouragement, & tips for moms). 

Continue on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan

Read at least 1 book per month not related to work.

(Something just for fun, or relaxation.) 
Sadly, over the last few years I’ve drifted away from personal reading beyond work, or scripture studies. I used to read several books a week. SO this goal seems so silly to me, but, I know I must begin somewhere so 1 a month will let me to get started. 

Continue to Grow & Manage my new business

(I’m doing work from home as a virtual assistant.)

Write a Book

I already have an idea of what I want to write, and have much of the research done. It’s just a matter of writing, and pulling it together. That being said, my goal for this is the last quarter of the month. 

My Chosen Word — My Heart Goal

My chosen word for the year — Kindness.

I think if we want change in our world, it starts with me. My goal is to treat others with kindness. This means, paying attention to the world around me. It means, seeking to lift other up. It means, perhaps, stepping outside of my comfort zone in order to show another person a measure of kindness. It requires me to be intentional, to be purposeful, to be real in the moments. 

Remember that kindness is an attitude that we practice. | Renée at Great Peace #family #kindness
Feel free to share this meme wherever you choose.

Funny, after I chose my word earlier in the month, the elders at our congregation announced the goal for the congregation for the year. They too, chose kindness as the goal of the congregation. So, while this started out as a personal goal, and one we were going to work on as a family, it’s now a part of our extended community goal. 

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Homeschooling Goals

  • Get our homeschooling room organized. (Yes, it’s quite a mess)!
  • Research dual enrollment options.
  • Research scholarships for homeschoolers, and what foundations we might need to lay moving forward. 
  • Finish out the school year by mid-June.
  • Find a new music teacher. We’re going to be looking for more of a conservatory option, rather than, private lessons. 

My goals aren’t that spectacular. They may just be mundane. But, these are the goals that I am setting for myself, and we are setting for our family. We’ll be working through each of them. In fact, as I write this I realize that we’ve already slacked on some of them. So we’ll be doing some reassessment at our next family corporate meeting. 



What about you? What goals have you set for yourself and your family for 2017? I’d love to chat with you about your process for setting goals and the kinds of goals that matter to you. Join me, in my Hearts for Peace Homeschooling Facebook Discussion Group. (Just ask to join.) 





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